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How to order prints...

  • On the proof album pages, you will see a filename along with each image. For example: "IMG_2184.jpg" or "IMG_2157b.jpg". That is how you will identify images for your print order or if you have questions about any particular image.
  • Click on the "Order Prints" link from the main album page to open a new email window.
  • Enter your print order as an email, indicating which images you want for each desired size and options. For example:
    5x7: 2184, 2157b, 2199 (x3)
    8x10: 2180
    8x10 lustre: 2184
    11x14 display special: 2157b
  • When I receive your print order email, I will reply with an invoice for your order, with payment due.
  • Your print order will take one week to process.
  • I will contact you to arrange delivery or pickup.